Paris Smaragdis
  • I’m an assistant professor at the CS and ECE depts. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My primary research interests revolve around making machines that can listen. I’ve done plenty of work on signal processing, machine learning and statistics as they relate to artificial perception, and in particular computational audition. I also love working on anything related to audio! The bulk of my work on audio is on source separation, and various machine learning approaches to traditional signal processing problems. I am fortunate to have been associated with some amazing research labs. I completed my masters, Ph.D. and a postdoc at the Machine Listening Group at the MIT Media Lab under the supervision of Barry Vercoe. I work with Adobe Systems’ Advanced Technology Labs, used to be at MERL, and have spent some time at Interval Research and Starlab. I was also a visiting scientist at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research. In 2006 I was selected by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the year’s top young technology innovators. I’m a descendant of a long music lineage dating to the early 1600s. My Erdös number is 4.

PhD Students

Y. Cem Sübakan
  • I am a PhD student at UIUC CS. I am interested in developing efficient and accurate learning algorithms for Latent Variable Models. I am especially interested in method of moments estimators for LVMs, since they happen to be efficient and accurate. I am a progressive rock/metal person, and I play shred type of electric guitar. I also like Jazz (I am learning Jazz standards these days) and classical. My favorite TV series of all time is Sopranos and if I had to pick a movie for my time in a desolate island, it would be Goodfellas.

Shrikant Venkataramani
  • .

MS Students

Ramin Anushiravani
  • I'm a graduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Audio signal Processing and Machine learning at UIUC. Any projects related to audio is likely to intrigued my curiosity. I have experience working on spatial sounds(3D Audio), dereverberation methods,beamforming techniques with microphone arrays, and acoustic matching. I also have some hands on experience in control systems and computer vision.

Undergrad Scholar


  • Kang Kang
    • MS 2012
    • Now with Texas Instruments
  • Jesper K. Nielsen
    • Visiting student during fall 2011
    • Now with Aalborg University as a Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Igor Fedorov
    • Undergrad scholar (fall 2011 - spring 2012)
    • Now with UCSD ECE as a PhD student
  • Nasser Mohammadiha
    • Visiting student (fall 2012 - spring 2013)
    • Now with Volvo Car Group as a Senior Analysis Engineer
  • Adam Miller
    • Undergrad scholar (fall 2011 - fall 2014)
    • Now with Google
  • Vinay Maddali
    • MS 2015
    • Now with Pindrop Security
  • Minje Kim (homepage)
    • PhD, May 2016
    • School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington as an assistant professor (from Aug. 2016)
  • Johannes Traa (homepage)
    • PhD, July 2016
    • Now with Lyric Labs in Analog Devices as a Research Scientist